With KickoffLabs smart A/B testing, it’s easy to use real data for optimizing your landing page conversion rates.

A/B testing allows you to split test between 2 different landing pages.

This allows you to publish two pages to the same URL location, where some visitors will see the “A” page and some will see the “B (challenger)” page.

You can split test small changes like copy and button color, or create a completely new version of your landing page to test.

Depending on the number of signups, KickoffLabs A/B testing will determine which of these two pages results in more conversions for your campaign.

1. To run a KickoffLabs A/B test, you’ll need two landing pages running under the same campaign.

If you’d like to test your current landing page, it’s as easy as creating a copy of the page. Or you can use an entirely different theme to test against.

Ready to improve your signup and conversion rate? Get started with the easiest A/B testing in the business!

For more detailed instructions on setting up your A/B test, look here!

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