Once your A/B test starts receiving traffic and conversions, KickoffLabs will provide you with easy to understand metrics that are available to view at anytime.

1. To view your A/B Test results, from your campaign dashboard click on ‘A/B Tests’. Here you’ll see a listing of any active A/B tests under this campaign.

2. Locate the test you want to view and click ‘View Test & Results’.

Now let’s look at reading the A/B test results.

  • You’ll see a winning variation if declared.
  • A confidence level which shows the statistical significance of the test.
  • How much improvement in conversion rate.
  • When the latest results were updated… along with test status, time running and start and end dates.
  • From here you can also click to view the original and challenger landing pages. This makes it easy to share the test variation links with others.

Once a winner has been declared inside of KickoffLabs or if after running your test for some time the results are “Inconclusive”, click on ‘Stop Test’ to permanently stop the test.

If the test proved a winner, you might want to publish the test changes and move on to another test.

If the test was inconclusive, that’s okay, try out another test. The real key to successful A/B testing is constantly creating new versions that outperform the previous. So keep at it!

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to send an email to support@kickofflabs.com