SSL Encryption is now available on all custom domains.

To enable it on your domain just add domain in the KickoffLabs dashboard, set the CNAME to your custom CNAME and we will do the rest. Note: You can find your Custom CNAME by going to the “Account” tab and clicking on “Custom Domains” from the dropdown, then “Check Status & Manage.” Your CNAME will be in the “Points To” column. 

If you had previously set up a domain on KickoffLabs and would like to take advantage of SSL, please contact

A couple of points about the HTTPS/SSL functionality:

  • Before enabling this feature, please be sure all of the assets on your pages (external images/videos/etc) are available via HTTPS/SSL. Any resources referenced via HTTP will cause a browser warning and could scare off a lead.
  • If you already have your page running on the CNAME it may take a little while for the DNS changes to fully propagate. How long depends on your the TTL of your DNS provider. A safe estimate is usually double what time it says. During this time anything you have published to this domain will still be available. However, HTTPS will not be available until the DNS changes have fully propagated.
  • For existing domains, do NOT change your DNS without first having your domain migrated in the dashboard. Failure to do this may cause your page to be unavailable.
  • All built in KickoffLabs assets already support HTTPS and generally default to it.
  • All KickoffLabs landing pages and sign up forms already communicate back to our servers via HTTPS/SSL. So your lead data is already safely transmitted back to our servers.
  • You do NOT have to provide us with a SSL certificate. We will provide one for you.
  • We are using Server Name Indication (SNI) for our HTTPS/SSL support. This is very widely supported at this time, but if your target market is using IE 6, you may want to skip this.
  • Similar to our current custom domains, you must use a subdomain. Naked/apex domains are not currently supported.