If you ran your campaign on a KickoffLabs domain, we provide a built in way for you to redirect your traffic elsewhere whenever your campaign has ended. When you end a campaign, there are 2 main places people typically send their traffic:

  1. To their website
  2. To their thank you page so they can check on referral progress/incentives earned.

With a Landing Page Redirect, you can specify a URL where we send visitors after a page has been unpublished. This can be any URL you want, it can be another KickoffLabs landing page OR a custom URL linking to a page not hosted by us.

To setup your redirect –

1. From your Campaign Dashboard, find the page you wish to redirect in the list and click the arrow cog on the far right. Choose “Page Settings” from the dropdown menu



2. In the “Manage Your Page” box click the blue “Edit Name” link

3. In the Your Redirect URL field add in the URL where you want to redirect page visitors. This can be your website URL or the URL of your thank you page – or any other URL of your choosing. Be sure to include the full URL, including the ‘https://’. Click Update to save your settings.

4. Re-access your campaign and ensure that any pages you wish to have redirected are now unpublished. If they are still published:

Go back to your campaign dashboard, locate the published page(s) and click Change URL.

7. From the Publisher screen, click ‘Unpublish this Page’.

Then confirm your settings in the popup.

8. Repeat steps for any pages you wish to have redirected.


This guide is only for those who used a KickoffLabs domain for their campaign. If you used a custom domain, click here!


If you have any questions, please email support@kickofflabs.com