Publishing your pages to your custom domain is as easy as following the instructions below. This guide assumes you’ve already made the required update to your DNS Settings to point your domain to our service. If you have not, learn how to set up your domain for use with KickoffLabs.

Add your custom domain to your KickoffLabs account –

From the top menu of your Campaign Dashboard, click the “Account” tab. Then, click “Custom Domains.”

Click the “Add Domain” button to add your custom domain to your account.

Enter your custom domain into the available field and click the blue “Add New Domain Name” button. If you’re using your root domain, be sure to include www. If you’re using any subdomain OTHER than www, we do not recommend you include www with the subdomain (so,, NOT

Now that you’re domain has been added to your account, it’s time to publish your page(s) to your custom domain!

Publish your page(s) to your custom domain –

From the top menu, click “All Campaign”, then select your campaign from the available list.

Find the page you wish to publish in the list. Use the arrow icon off to the right and select “Page Settings” from the dropdown menu.

Here you will find your domain options. Select “Change URL.”



You should now see this menu:

If you wish to add a path, you can do so in the available field that appears after selecting your custom domain. This is used when you want to publish multiple pages to the same domain. For example, your signup page is published to and your thank you page is published to – the path field is optional.

Once you’ve finished updating your chosen URL, click the blue “Update URL” button.

That’s it! Congratulations! Your page is now live on the Internet at your custom domain.


Having trouble? Find our custom domain troubleshooting guide here!