If you’re having trouble with your custom domain not working, read on to troubleshoot. Below you will find the most common causes of issues with a custom domain.

    • You’ve added the domain to your KickoffLabs account, but have not yet updated your DNS Settings to point your domain to our service. To check and make sure your domain has been configured, click here, then click “Check Status & Manage” next to your domain name. 



On the next page you should see something that looks like this:

If your domain is NOT properly configured, you will see this – if you see this message, click here to learn how to point your domain to KickoffLabs – remember…changes to your DNS Settings must be made wherever your nameservers are pointing (this is typically where you purchased your domain):




You’ve configured your domain, but have not added it to KickoffLabs/published a page to the domain in KickoffLabs. First check here – if you see your domain in the list, the next step is to click “Manage Domain” and ensure it’s properly configured (see above point). If you see the “Domain is Properly Configured” alert, the next step is to make sure you’ve published a page to your domain in KickoffLabs. Click here to learn how to publish a page to your custom domain.

  • Your domain works with the www, but not without. The point applies if you’re using your root domain. We don’t recommend using www with a subdomain (like www.signup.kickofflabs.com). If you’re using the root domain and your site doesn’t work without the www, make sure you’ve set up a redirect with your domain provider. Find our guide for this here!
  • If your domain has been added to your account, is properly configured, and you have published at least one page to the domain, clear your browser cache or use an incognito browsing window to test your URL. Oftentimes browsers will cache older versions of websites. For this reason, you always want to be sure you clear your browser cache before testing, especially if you’ve just made a big change. Alternatively, you can also test using an incognito browsing window.


If all of the above have been tried and you’re still having trouble with your domain, please send us a message to support@kickofflabs.com In your message, please include your account Email address, the domain you’re having trouble with, who your domain provider is, and screenshots of any changes you made to your DNS Settings.