We know that tracking data for your contest can be stressful. By having a KickoffLabs hosted contest, you’ll never have to worry about needing to keep up with several programs to produce data. You’re now able to easily view email data.. right from your dashboard. Why does knowing this data matter? Simple. By tracking your Open and Click rates, you can easily tell how your audience is reacting to your emails. This valuable information will help you with making adjustments to your campaign.


So..What’s a Click Rate and Open Rate?

An Open Rate is just that.. a percentage that tells you how many emails were successfully opened by subscribers. The Click Rate tracks the percentage of subscribers who actually click on the URL in the email.


How do I Access This Information in my KickoffLabs Account?

  1. From your campaign dashboard, click on “Reports” located in the top menu
  2. Then, click on “Email Data”
  3. From here, you will be able to view the number of emails sent, the open rate and the click rate
  4. You can also change the views in data by clicking on the “All Emails” dropdown