KickoffLabs Reports provide you with intelligence on your most important campaign metrics. Our conversion focused data helps you track Conversion & Referral Rate, Total & Unique Web Views, Leads Captured, Top Referral Links and more.

Optionally, integrating your KickoffLabs campaign with Google Analytics will give you access to additional pageview metrics, and can act as a secondary source for conversion tracking.

This article will walk through step by step how to install Google Analytics tracking on single page campaigns, including contest box. Looking for how to install tracking on a traditional two page campaign? Instead, follow our guide here.

Installing Google Analytics Base Tracking Script

  1. First, you will need to locate your Google Analytics base script. Follow Google’s steps on generating your personal tracking script here:
  2. From the dashboard select the common settings tab and choose “add codes”
  3. Paste the base script into the Header area and save your changes.add base script

Setting up Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

In order for Google to track the conversion (when a lead successfully signs up), you will also need to install a conversion tracking script to your KickoffLabs page.

  1. Follow Google’s steps on getting your custom data for the conversion script here: google docs on how to get your own data here:
  2. Replace the ‘AW-CONVERSION_ID/AW-CONVERSION_LABEL’ placeholders in the script below with the data you collected from step one.


After you’ve customized the script, place it in the Footer area of your KickoffLabs page.

add conversion script to footer area

Get stuck? We’re happy to help! Send any questions over to: