What are cookies?

A cookie is a tiny little file that’s stored on your computer. It contains the address of the web site and codes that your browser sends back to the web site each time you visit a page there. Don’t worry though, cookies don’t contain anything dangerous. They’re actually pretty useful when it comes to your browsing experience!

Here at KickoffLabs, we use six cookies to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly. Below we’ve listed each cookie and what it’s used for.

Cookies We Install:

_ksid: Unique identifier give to visitors used to detect fraud across campaigns.

kol_ab_<number>: If A/B testing is enabled this sets what version of the test the visitor saw so they always see that version of this test.

kol_bounce.bounce.<number>: Stores if this visitor has seen an exit intent widget so we don’t show it every time.

kola.<number>: A unique ID for every visitor used for analytics and fraud detection. This carries across browser sessions. This is also used to remember contest participants and show them their points and standing. 

kola.<number>.session: A unique ID for a visitor that is unique for that session used for fraud detection and analytics.

kola.<number>.cid: Once someone signs up for your campaign we keep this cookie so that we can pull their contest points and status when they come back.

If you have any questions about cookies, please feel free to email our awesome support team at: support@kickofflabs.com