In KickoffLabs you can localize campaigns to your local language. This guide will walk you through the places where you will want to make translations.

1. Landing page

If you’re campaign has landing pages you’ll want to edit each one. To edit a landing page click on EDIT button

When the editor opens there are a few different places you’ll want to make changes.

A. Text areas. These are in the purple frame when you hover the mouse over them.

The text in this type of box can be modified directly on the screen by just clicking into them.

B. Forms Fields & Form Confirmations

Hover over a form and click “edit”.

For each form field you’ll want to use the edit button. For example, the box containing the form information needs clicking on another EDIT button

You can change the text and click on Edit Form Item to save it

localizing landing page 5

You’ll also want to do the same for Confirmation tab and click on Save Form.

C. Buttons

  • To change the button text you have to click on Edit, and the text to edit will appear on the left side of the screen.

Localization landing page 6

After you change the text, please, scroll down and click on Done. The button text will be replaced.

D. Landing page information

You may want to change page information in the following view which you can see after closing the landing page editing window.

E. Other Areas On a Page

There may be other content on pages that you can edit text by hovering over them and clicking “edit”.

2. Contest Actions

Some components of a campaign, like the actions, work on landing pages and contest boxes. In order to edit these you’ll want to open your campaign, click “Setup” from the top menu, and then click “Actions”. 

Once you change the text you can close this screen. The text will be updated behind the screen. You’ll need to refresh any page editors or landing page previews you have running to see the changes outside of the actions setup page.

3. Reward Levels & Reward Level Emails

If you are running a reward level style campaign you’ll want to open your campaign, click “Setup” and then click “Rewards” from the top menu.

From there you will be able to change the text visible on the landing page and the content of the e-mails. Also here the changes will not be visible until you open the editing page again but the changes are saved behind the screens.

4. Localizing Common Terms, Terms of Service, or Countdowns in a Campaign

There are several commonly used words we use between landing pages, contest boxes, and AnyForms. Words like “points” for example.

To make changes here go to Campaign > Setup > Advanced Settings

Find the section called TEXT LOCALIZATION, TERMS, AND COUNTDOWN, where you can update the Terms and Conditions, Localization and Countdown if used.

To change the localization words click on Localization and change the required fields and click Save Settings.



5. Contest box

You can change the language also in the contest box.

Context box

If you have already modified the landing page, some parts of the box can be already in your local language, for example the Social Media information.

Contest box 2

The other information in the contest box can be changed on the left side.


6. Sharing 

To change the language in sharing information via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, please go to Campaign > Setup > Advanced Settings and then find the section called Facebook & Sharing Defaults, where you can update the text for sharing via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail and click Save settings at the very bottom of the screen.


7. AnyForm

To change the AnyForm click “EDIT” button

In the next page you can error message and click “Save settings” to save them.


8. Messaging

You have already updated some of the e-mails, however, please update the automatic reply settings and if you are using SMS or any other e-mails you can change them all in once following the path Setup > Messaging

where you can update the following messages:

email settings

Setting Up an Automatic Reply Email

Managing reward levels and setting up reward emails!

Setting Up and Managing Influencer Emails

Managing your Verification Email Settings


Please let us know if you run into issues localizing a campaign into your specific language by emailing