KickoffLabs supports the use of Google’s Invisible Captcha as part of our Advanced Fraud Prevention (available on Business and Enterprise plans). This is a great first line of defense and is a non-invasive way of preventing robots from automatically signing up to your campaign.

To enable Captcha for your campaign:

  1. From your Campaign Dashboard click Settings from the left menu panel
  2. Scroll down to Fraud Options and click the “Manage Captcha” button
  3. Check the box, “Yes, please enable captcha” and then click the “Save Captcha Settings” button

    – If you’ve had an account with us for a while and are using one of our AnyForms, you may need to create a new AnyForm and install it on your site, making sure to delete the old AnyForm code. If this is necessary, you will see the blue AnyForm warning on the enable captcha page.


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