We make it easy for you to randomly select a winner from your campaign. You can even weigh the results to give more “entries” to users who have earned referrals.

Here’s how to pick your random winners: 

  1. From the campaign dashboard, click on “Leads”
  2. Select “Pick a Winner”

On the “Pick a Winner” page you’ll have an opportunity to determine how the winner(s) will be picked. You can:

  • Choose how you want to weight the entries. This is where you can say that for every referral someone generated they have their name in the hat an extra time. We factor this into the selection to improve their odds. You could also ignore weighting and just make it 100% random. 🙂
  • Choose how many winners you want drawn.
  • Choose how many points or referrals are required for someone to be eligible.
  • Choose to only select from people who have “verified” if you are using advanced fraud protection (Business and Enterprise plans).

Once you’ve made your selections, click the “Pick a winner!” button. We will randomly select and populate your winners for you! This feature will not automatically notify the winners. We think you should have a chance to confirm they met your contest rules and expectations first. But you can use the contact information provided to reach out to them.


Need help? Let us know at support@kickofflabs.com!