Customer Requests

  • Added Google font “Rubik” to the landing page designer.

Updates & Improvements

  • Created a fallback for Jquery in the designer in case the CDN fails to load.
  • Webhooks will now retry if they fail.
    • Webhooks will retry up to 10 times throughout the day after the first failure.
    • You’ll receive an account notification if a webhook is failing so you know you need to fix something.
    • We’ll add it to the activity log for a lead when it succeeds or fails.
  • Form updates
    • You can now “Edit Form” > “Form Styles” > set layout to vertical or horizontal. This allows you to change styles for new and existing forms.
    • Adding a new form item will match existing form styles for input size.
    • Adding a new form item will match existing settings for show label.
    • We now have consistent support for larger sizes “extra large” and “extra extra large”.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where forms would add a label to the email field when you just edited the text after there was no label to begin with.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t change the size of socialite point buttons