In the month of February there has been a swarm of updates to documentation as well as a slew of feature improvements.




Interface Improvements

Better Email Previews

You can now send a preview of campaign emails to up to 5 comma separated emails… not just the account holder.

If the email address you enter is in the campaign that persons real data (links, score, etc) will be used. If the email doesn’t exist then fake data will be used.

Email UI Improvements

We’ve redesigned the User Interface for the Email Settings to provide a better user experience.

Delete Landing Page UI

Cleaned up UI on the delete landing page view if the landing page couldn’t be deleted.

Cleaned up Copy Campaign UI

Cleaned up some interface functions of the Copy Campaign UI


  • Fixed an issue where you could not complete the new campaign checklist. Now it knows if you create a reward level email.
  • Fixed all cases where a link to a preview page wouldn’t open.