Upcoming in our latest patch we’re including new features as well as new templates to help you create more modern, effective and viral campaigns that get you the visibility you deserve.

New Templates

Included in the latest update are two new templates, one template is the Mobile App Waitlist

This theme includes several new features including Phone Number Lead Generation & Contests.

These features allow you to collect leads with phone numbers as well as email addresses, allowing another method to generate leads!

The jumbo sized fonts now scale down better on mobile devices and adjusting the font sizes has become easier and clearer.

There’s now a color picker for the background color on icons as well.

And Illustrations

The Second theme to be added is the Book Launch Rewards

New features showcased in this theme include Organic Backgrounds (Curved Lines of Any Color)

Use Live Lead Data on Thank You Pages

Inserting KickoffLabs Lead Data allows you to set up custom thank you pages. This allows you to personalize a Thank You Page, adding names and other information to the pages giving your leads a personalized experience.

Among these features, there is also…

Our templates are just a starting point. You can mix and match any of these elements on ANY theme and I can’t wait to see the campaigns you all come up with using these new tools!

Play around with the new features, look for guides on our support pages and reach out to our team at support@kickofflabs.com with any questions.