Based on your feedback we’ve made the following fixes and improvements to both the KickoffLabs app & templates.

Landing page updates:

  • Updated all themes to support target=”_blank” so social links open in new windows and to better support WordPress.
  • Updated theme defaults like spacing, line height, font sizes, etc from a design perspective.
  • Fixed Signup Form with Hero – the hero shadow was applying to the text within the form box.
  • Clean Flat Hero – added option to enable/disable post-form text.
  • Zig-Zag – fixed long button text causing mobile view issues.
  • App Feature Focused
    • made the “Screenshots” section optional.
    • fixed responsive issue on iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s.

Widget updates:

  • Updated ALL widgets and popups to optionally display only on certain pages of your site! Read more here.
  • Bounce Exit Intent Widget – added “20 seconds” as a value for “Show automatically after…”.
  • Full Screen Splash Signup Widget
    • quotation marks were breaking  functionality when used in the ‘Skip to Content Link Text’ section.
    • removed duplicate in theme data.
    • properly overriding “display: none” & body position styles.
  • Bottoms Up Signup Bar – fixed the alignment of the open/close icon.
  • Corner Popup Widget – made the body text easier to edit in the designer.
  • Embeddable Form – fixed checkboxes issue.
  • AnyForm – fixed the pass_through option.

Thank you page updates:

  • Viral Competition Thanks
    • added option to disable user icon and just show points value.
    • fixed social URL not properly displaying.
    • updated displaying locks for stars when referrals are earned.
  • Basic Thanks & Share – added a commonly requested social icon bar.

Application updates:

  • Added Infusionsoft tagging.
  • Improved page load time of campaign home and reporting page by removing “Recent Leads”. You can still see your most recent leads by clicking “View Leads” in the top right corner.
  • Fixed upload issues for images / files  with spaces or special characters.
  • Fixed a server error some users encountered when creating a copy of their page.
  • More accurate conversion tracking on thank you pages using campaign level redirects.
  • General dashboard beautification.
  • Backend improvements to email servers and deliverability.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or comments please send an email to