Updates & Improvements

  • Widgets now support phone number fields and phone number only forms
  • You can now control the size of fonts (in addition to colors) on your forms. There are two new options. One for label sizes and one for the input (checkbox or radio) sizes.


  • Consistent sizes on forms with ALOT of styling tweaks!
  • ROI Analytics update
    • Dramatically simpler reports that are connected to search and the ROI report that lets you see the value of your campaign.
    • Search to see leads from the UTM sources
    • Search to see leads from referral domains
    • You can now also search by “UTM Campaign” in the lead search


  • Free customers can now import leads
  • Image names are more readable on hover in the choose an image dialog

Bug Fixes

  • Mailto links would fail in Chrome when hosting a thank you page in an iFrame
  • Made the delete image option more visible on the choose an image dialog
  • Fixed broken link if something went wrong saving a reward level email
  • Images being uploaded must be an image type with a file extension
  • Added support for additional scripts on-page in HTML block
  • Fixed error page with Facebook audiences if an audience no longer exists
  • Added theme name to metadata so we can view source and see the theme to help debug customer issues faster
  • Fixed an issues users ran into when right-clicking on campaign set-up items
  • Changed from using an icon font to SVG’s for the icons in our dashboard to improve performance
  • Improvements to the drop-downs in the dashboard