Updates and Improvements:

  • Image Picker 2.0
    • We’ve recently updated our image picker so that you can now use Unsplash for an image library!
  • The HTML widget will now be limited to only accept approved scripts.
  • Webhooks will now retry if they fail.
    • Webhooks will retry for up to 10 times throughout the day, after the first failure.
    • You will now receive an account notification if a web hook is failing, so you know if something needs to be fixed
    • We will now add this information to the activity log (located in a specific leads’ card) letting you know if it succeeded/failed.
  • If phone numbers are collected in the sign-up form, we will include this information in the New Lead Notification mail.
  • Scripts will now be wrapped in start/end HTML comments so they can be ID’d on the page easier.
    • This update will fix cases where the page was broken due to the HTML comment not being closed properly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed text on email templates page to use the right codes.