Updates and Improvements

  • We’ve added 6 new contest templates to go with any signup page in your campaign. Our goal was to expand your choices when creating a contest and make them easier to customize with less to think about.
  • You can now copy a section on a page
    • We’ve added a “Copy Section” button next to “Delete Section” on the landing page
    • This makes it easy to create another version of a section you made out of multiple parts of the page
    • It also makes the process of mobile optimization seamless. Example: Create a section, get everything set-up the way you want, copy the section, change out the image for mobile only viewing.
  • Smoothed out drag and drop effects in the designer when adding parts to pages
  • We now allow users to create campaigns of each type with ANY signup page so they aren’t limited to our chosen pairs
  • Moved “new signup” and “new thank you” page options below the list instead of on the upper right
  • Table headers (like the leaderboard) will now respect section level alignment on landing pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that broke designer versions older than 5
  • Fixed a bug when copying a section that would break forms