Updates and Improvements – 

  • We now support Like/Follow for points for YouTube and Instagram
  • Analytics and Tracking Code integration is now available on all plan levels
  • Added support for “Luckiest Guy” Google font
  • Added support for “Roboto 100” Google font
  • Added support for “Kalam” Google font
  • You can now easily add links to your existing pages in your KickoffLabs Emails
  • Form buttons will now inherit the Body Font set on the page instead of defaulting to “Open Sans” font
  • Added a better explanation of our captcha feature to the Campaign Settings page so it is more clear what the feature is/does

Bug Fixes – 

  • Fixed issue which prevented font size from being updated on dropdown form fields
  • Fixed issue which prevented prize text from being updated after a page refresh
  • Fixed issue with Facebook signup alert message
  • Corrected issue which prevented text fields from being edited in the widget editor
  • Resolved issue which resulted in an error when swapping from one greeting snippet to another
  • Updated helper text on Like/Follow snippets so that it’s more clear what information should be provided
  • You can now correctly click “Edit HTML” on an HTML snippet when the snippet is used to embed a video
  • Removed captcha from rendering in the designer, as it was blocking certain designer actions
  • Fixed issue with “Time ago…” dates in editor being cached and showing incorrect time/date information