Updates and Improvements –

  • Thank you/Contest pages will now remember you with a cookie
  • The Lead Activity Log will now allow you to easily see stats like: when someone earns points, receives emails from us or follows your brand


  • Lead Tags will allow you to reward people for actions taken outside of KickoffLabs. View more here













  • Thank You/Contest pages will now remember you with a cookie. If participants go back to the thank you page, with the same browser, without their query string.. we’ll remember them and show them their data!
  • Default email templates have been simplified down to one link (Thanks page) to improve deliverability and make them easier to manage.

Bug Fixes – 

  • Fixed an issue with certain file name/URLs that worked in the browser, but not in our preview.
  • Fixed an issue where new forms with required select boxes weren’t acting as required.
  • Fixed issue that blocked you from intentionally saving a blank page.