Updates & Improvements

  • Opt-in forms now support “Pick at least one” checkbox group.
    • This work allows users to set up a multi-select checkbox that requires at least one selection made instead of requiring that ALL checkboxes are selected.

  • Mobile improvements
    • We made changes to the marketing site and application dashboard to make them more mobile-friendly.
  • Updated Webhook UI
    • We now give users options of events to post.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with duplicated forms not working
  • Fixed padding on email /preview email
  • Fixed count-down widget  not working when added to the page via + button
  • Fixed Multiple Issues in the Designer reported by customers
    • Not being able to adjust content sizes after save.
    • Changed how custom fonts are stored so they don’t impact page content.
    • Stopped designer script from injecting itself (silently) into content.
    • Fixed how margins are handled in themes to correct alignment issues.
    • Fixed how the editor handles fonts with extra font weights
    • Fixed a bug that blocked section height from reporting correctly.
    • Fixed issues with copying sections that resulted in extra duplicates.
  • Fixed issue where the support pop-up would do multiple searches on load each time.