New Contest Theme Set: Giveaway Contest
A great new theme set for running a giveaway style contest.

Updates and Improvements – 

  • The YouTube Subscribe for Points snippet now supports using either the YouTube Channel Name or YouTube Channel ID.
  • You can now add links in your form Help Text and Labels using raw HTML.
  • Added additional styling option to Copy/Paste to Share button.
  • Updated fonts throughout our website and application to increase site speed.
  • Made several improvements to the social share button editing experience.
  • Updated our onboarding process with new theme preview experience.
  •  The page will no longer reload after updating social share settings – this makes for a faster editing experience.

Bug Fixes – 

  • Fixed issue which caused audio to continue to play after closing pop up when using a video in the Pop Up snippet.
  • You can now properly click into a form input when using a small column.
  • Images with ( ) in the file name will now properly show in the image library.
  • Parallax images will no longer zoom on mobile devices.
  • Pop Up snippet will now properly size and close.
  • Fixed issue where default image size, tile state, and position were not set correctly.
  • Fixed issue with background images not being properly centered and offset.
  • Fixed issue where pages would not Save due to an error in the designer HTML.
  • Fixed issue where designer dropdown menus would not open after adding a Pop Up snippet to the page.
  • Fixed issue with Twitter Share Button Text not always saving.
  • Fixed issue which would cause pages to break when deleting a content snippet and then adding the same content snippet back.
  • Fixed issue which prevented you from being able to adjust the width of a section after adding it to your page.