The KickoffLabs AnyForm is the perfect solution for connecting your existing LeadPages form to our service so you can utilize all of our great features with your existing signup page design.

Adding the AnyForm to your LeadPages Site:

If you haven’t already, add a new AnyForm to your campaign.

2. Give your AnyForm a name

3. Copy the code for AnyForm we show you in “Step 2”

4. Open the Lead Page you want to edit.

5. If the form is on a pop-up (most LeadPages work this way) then you need to edit the pop-up and then edit the tracking codes for the popup and paste the script we gave you there.

6. If the signup form is directly on a landing page (and not a pop-up)… Choose to add an analytics and tracking code to your Lead Page.  Paste the KickoffLabs Anyform Script we gave you in either of the body tag sections.

7. On the your LeadPages form (page or pop-up) choose to “Edit Integrations”

8. Choose “Actions” and then “Remain on Page”. No worries. We’ll handle the redirect to your contest page.

9. Make sure to save any changes, choose update, and test your page. It should now register the lead with KickoffLabs and take them to your contest.


If you need more assistance, we’re happy to help. Just reach out to us at!