Once you start collecting leads with KickoffLabs, all new leads will be viewable from within your campaign Leads Report.

To access your leads you have a few options. Clicking on ‘View Leads‘ in the top right corner of your Campaign Dashboard will take you straight to your Leads Report page, which includes your full list of leads and the options to search and create a new filter.

Clicking the ‘X Leads’ option on the left menu will take you to your Leads Dashboard. This is where you can view your full list of leads, and also easily access things like your Saved Lead Filters, and your options to Import Leads, Download Leads, and Pick a Winner.

Snapshot of the Leads Dashboard.

From the Leads Report page, you can manage your campaign leads in a variety of ways.

1. Use the ‘Sort Leads By:’ dropdown to filter through:

  • Most Recent – by the sign up date and time of a lead.
  • Most Relevant – sort leads by those who are the most relevant to the criteria entered in the Search bar.
  • Signup Date – sort leads starting with who signed up first.
  • Total Referrals – by how many total referrals each lead has (direct and indirect).
  • Verified Referrals – by how many verified referrals each lead has brought on to your campaign.
  • Contest Score – by how many contest points each lead has earned through direct and indirect referrals. Requires a Business plan or higher.

2. Use ‘Search‘ to search your entire list of leads for all leads who match the criteria you entered in the Search box.

3. Use the ‘Add Condition’ option to apply specific filters to your leads. Learn more about using Lead Filters here.

The ability to filter through Verified/Not Verified, Suspicious/Not Suspicious, and Duplicate IP Address is only available to Business and Enterprise plans.

4. Use the ‘Bulk Update Leads…’ dropdown to perform bulk actions like:

  • Resend Auto Reply – resend the Automatic Reply Email new leads get after signing up or verifying their email (depending on your campaign setup).
  • Resend Verification Email – leads get 3 opportunities to verify. Once when the lead subscribes, then again at 24 & 48 hours (if the lead has not verified yet). Use this to resend the Verification Email when Campaign Lead Verification is enabled.
  • Verify – manually verify leads when Campaign Lead Verification is enabled.
  • Un-Verify – manually un-verify leads when Campaign Lead Verification is enabled.
  • White List – mark signups as real, quality leads.
  • Black List – flag signups as suspicious, potentially fraudulent emails.
  • Delete – delete leads from your campaign entirely.

Bulk Update applies only to the selected leads on the current lead page (not all pages). Use the left side checkboxes next to leads to select who to bulk process.

5. Of course, you can still perform these actions per lead by clicking on ‘View Card’ to see each individual Lead Card.

Under the Lead name, you’ll find a dropdown to perform everything mentioned in ‘Bulk Update Leads…’.

Within the Lead Card, you’ll find additional detailed information about your leads, like:

  • Magic Contact Data – This includes publicly available demographic information, profile pictures, social media accounts, and employment infromation. This information is not always available for every lead, but we do our best to scour the Internet to collect this data for you, so you don’t have to!
  • Source Information – Who the lead was referred by, what URL they were referred from, their IP address, and which page they signed up on.
  • Campaign Data – This is information that is passed through any UTM parameters you set.
  • Sharing Data – Their unique share link, how many times they clicked share (can take up to 24 hrs to update), how many views those shares generated, and how many referrals they’ve gained.


If you have any additional questions on how to best manage your leads, email our friendly team at support@kickofflabs.com