One of KickoffLabs many powerful features is the ability to give away digital goods as a bribe in return for a customer’s information. Easily include downloadable incentives like ebooks, PDFs, coupons and any other digital asset you can think of.

There are three ways you can combine to give away a digital download after someone signs up. In an email reply, within the instant thank you message, or on a dedicated thank you page. These options are covered here:

1. Email the file to them with an automatic reply

From your Campaign Dashboard, navigate to “Setup” and select “Messaging” from the drop-down menu or navigate to “Rewards & Messaging” on the right side of the dashboard to access the auto-reply mail. Manage Auto Reply Emails to send the incentive immediately after signup.
  • or click on “Set Up Reward Level Emails”, to send the incentive as a reward for referring.

In the “Message Body” it helps to click where you’d like to insert the file.
Next, in the Message Toolbar click on the file icon ‘Insert File’.
In the popup window, click ‘Upload File’ to upload from your local computer or choose an existing file.
Your file link is now included in the “Email Message Body” and ready for instant delivery to your leads! You can also use the edit buttons on the link to change the text for the download link.
When you’re done, be sure to click ‘Save Email Settings’.

2. Offer a download on  your dedicated status page.

KickoffLabs allows you to funnel any signup form in your campaigns to one or more dedicated status pages. To set this up.

1. Create a new status page (or access your existing status page, if you already have one).

2. Click within any text field on the page to bring up the text editing menu, then click “Insert File”.


3. Select your file to insert it.

4. Edit the text for the file, if you’d like, and publish the page.


5. Now anyone can download the file by clicking your newly created download link.



*You can follow this same method to add a downloadable asset to any existing text field on any KickoffLabs page or widget, not just thank you pages!

3. Setup an automatic download on your Status page.

Some thank you themes specialize in giving away a digital asset by also offering an automatic download.

The “Downloadable Reward” theme is one example of this.
Download Your Reward

Tips on Incentives

Start using incentives as a powerful way to drive more engagement and higher conversion rates. If you have any questions along the way, click on the support widget in the lower left-hand corner of your screen or send us a message directly to
You will want to keep your incentive file name free of special characters, as these can cause upload issues.
Upload size limit is 5MB.