As of May 2018 our privacy policy was updated to reflect our willingness to comply with the new EU GDPR privacy regulations. There are some common questions that come up including how we will handle data requests on our customers and how you, as someone running a marketing campaign with our software to handle GDPR with your own customers.

Requesting Access to or Deletion of Your Data at KickoffLabs

You can file a data request with us by emailing This would be a request about the data we store on you to manage your account, billing, customer support, etc.

Handling Data Delete Requests from Your Own Customers

If one of your leads requests that their data be deleted you can use our lead search, find the individual, and delete the lead from your campaign.  You can also email to help comply with the request.

Requesting a Signed DPA Agreement with KickoffLabs

You can request a signed DPA agreement with KickoffLabs by emailing

Requesting Consent When Someone Signs up on KickoffLabs forms

We make it easy to setup your own privacy pages and link to them in a checkbox that is contained within your form as described here: Setting up a privacy consent checkbox on your KickoffLabs form.

Browser Cookies Installed and Used by KickoffLabs Software

We do install a few cookies to help manage contests that you setup. Click here to learn about the specific cookies and what each one is for.

More Security…

Lets be honest. Have you read the full terms of any privacy policy you’ve accepted? No? Me neither. (Except ours. We were required to read it before publishing it of course. ) Our goal is to go above and beyond what is required. Our goal is to make sure your data and the data of your customers data is protected while you are using our software and after you are using our software. Here are just some of the things we do to ensure that:

  1. Access Limitations – Founder approval is required to access any customer data at KickoffLabs. No one will ever ask for additional PII from you or request your account password.
  2. Data Pruning – While we follow best practices to protect our databases that contain PII we also make sure to regularly delete data. When you delete an account… we queue all the data to be deleted… including customer lists you’ve collected. When you delete a campaign on your account we do the same thing.
  3. Paused Accounts for Data Storage – In fact, in order for us to keep the data collected we require a paid account with a nominal monthly fee after the free trial period.  This ensures you are always aware we may still be storing data as long as you have your account and are OK with the data being deleted when the account is. The danger of allowing you to keep a free account is that it’s impossible to know when it’s OK to delete the data we’ve collected. So we don’t run that risk.