Landing pages and emails sent from KickoffLabs are fully localizable.  You can edit ANY of the customer visible text to support your audience.

What if  you want to have the same page in different languages?

Lets pretend that you want to have an English and French version of the same page. To do this: 

  1. Setup two pages within KickoffLabs. One in English and one in French. If you’d like the pages to be identical, you can create a copy of any page either to the same or a different campaign. Using a separate campaign allows you to set up the auto-responders in the native language of the page. If you want to copy a page to a separate campaign, you’ll need to create the campaign before you copy the page.
  2. Use a different domain/path combination for each of the pages.  For example: 
    1. (English)
    2. (French) 
    3. Note: You could also use if you wanted to as well. 
  3. Within the text of the landing page create a link to the alternate language. “See in English” for example. Make that link go back to the other page. 

We don’t provide in-house translating, so this is something you will need to set up.

If you need any further assistance, shoot us an Email to