KickoffLabs requires an email address for every lead we collect (it is the only required field).

The AnyForm widget attaches itself to a form on your own web pages, using your own design, your own HTML, and thus your own naming conventions.

When you receive the error alert box with: “Cannot Find Email Selector” (or something similar) it means that we were not able to find suitable default field which contains the email address.

Before we talk about manually setting an email selector let’s go over what we try by default first. 9 times out of 10 this is the easier and recommended path.

We try the following three defaults if you do not manually enter an email selector value:

  1. An input field with type=email. This is our most recommended option since it allows modern browsers to validate the email address.
  2. An input field with name=email.
  3. An input field with id=email

If you cannot make your form fit one of the three defaults above, you can set the Email Selector directly in the AnyForm designer:

How to manually set your email selector
How to manually set your email selector

The email selector value can be any valid jQuery selector. In most cases, it is easiest to use the id of your input field using ‘#’ + id (example: #my_email_address).

If you are not familiar with jQuery, please email and we will take care of it for you.