This guide will walk you through, step-by-step,  integrating KickoffLabs with Instapage. In the below steps, we’ll go over:

Configuring a KickoffLabs AnyForm

  1. Log in to your KickoffLabs account and you will be greeted by your Campaign Dashboard. Locate the Campaign you are generating an AnyForm for and click the View Campaign button.
  2. From the “Campaign on your site” section select “Anyform.”
  3. Select the button to edit the AnyForm.
  4. Here you can customize your Anyform settings. A few settings to keep in mind: anyform settings 1

Enable Anyform: This allows you to toggle on and off connecting your external form to anyform without having to remove the anyform code from the site. Make sure to toggle the “Enable Anyform” to On once you are ready to install to Unbounce.

Confirmation Type: There are two user experiences you can set-up with Anyform. You can redirect the lead to a KickoffLabs status page or external page – OR – display a contest box

Form Selector: This setting is rarely changed. You will only need to change this if there are forms on your page(s) you do not want to connect to KickoffLabs.

Error Message: Each sign up must include either an email address or phone number. This is the message we popup if one of these cannot be found on the submitted data.


Installing Anyform on Instapage Landing Page

  1. Once you have enabled your Anyform, select “Install” and copy the generated script.
  2. Next, open a new tab and navigate to the Instapage editor
  3. At the bottom of the Instapage page, select “Scripts &GDPR”
  4. Paste the anyform script into the script area and select “Head” from the placement options. Save your changes and test out the Anyform integration. Your test lead should now appear in the “lead” section of your selected KickoffLabs campaign.

KickoffLabs Contest Box + Instapage Integration

Contest Box will enable you to integrate your existing website with KickoffLabs without having to build an external form. Simply design the form in KickoffLabs and install the script onto your website! Below we’ll walk you through, step by step, how to design and install the contest box onto your landing page.

Customizing a Contest Box

From your campaign dashboard, select the contest box from the left hand side and select “edit”

 Screen Shot on 2020 12 22 at 091300

On the “Basics” tab you can customize the brand colors, hero image, text, and select which elements to show in your widget (next reward, rank, total leads, countdown, leaderboard) Don’t forget to set-up your campaign wide reward levels, actions, and scoring for your contest! You can find these settings at the bottom of the “basics” page.

 Contestbox editor

Next, tab over to the “Form”. Similar to editing a form in the KickoffLabs editor you have the options to add custom fields such as phone number, dropdowns, multiple choice etc

 add field

The “text/localization” setting allows you to customize the text inside of the box and the notification bar.


When you’re ready to install your designed contest box, simply select “Installation” from the menu. We’ll generate a piece of script for you to install in the header area of your Instapage website. **The Anyform and Contest Box use the same script, so if you’ve already installed an Anyform, no need to repeat this step. 


If you’re seeing an error or you’re not seeing a social ID connected to the share URL on the thank you page, reach out to us at and let us know.