You may see a link back to instead of your custom domain & path.

This happens because, for some reason, we have not verified your domain.  We are trying to make sure we never send a customer to a bad link.

If your custom domain is working you can force the verification manually: 

  1. Verify that you have configured a domain/path for the page from the Page Dashboard by clicking “Publish Page”.  If that hasn’t been set then set a domain and path.  If it has…
  2. From your dashboard click “Custom Domains” from the “Account” tab’s drop-down menu
  3. Look for the domain that you want to ensure is verified and click “Setup”
  4. Scroll down to Step 3 and click the “Verify” link.
  5. Confirm that you want the domain verified. 
From this point forward we’ll always use that domain instead of the KickoffLabs page domain in tweets, emails, and links.  
Still having trouble? We’re always happy to help! Send us an Email to and let us know what we can do.