There are a few possible reasons why you may be having this issue.

1. You may not have added the domain to your KickoffLabs Account.

The first reason may be that you have not added the domain to your account. To do this, click on the “Accounts” tab > Custom Domains ( on your Dashboard. Type in the name of your domain in the box provided and click Add New Domain Name.

You will then be given specific steps that you are required to follow to make sure that all future requests to your landing page will be redirected to the URL you specified.

2. You may be using our API, widget, or Plugin on your website

The third reason may be related to the use of our API, widget, or plugin to display our form to your own website. Even if you aren’t using one of our built in pages you still need to add the domain to your account.

1. Add the domain to your account using the Manage Domain link.
2. But SKIP the next steps (that would cause you to lose your current hosting)
3. Go directly ahead to publish the landing page (customer list) to that domain (and verify).

This way the widget will be forced to use your custom URL.


If you’re still not seeing the correct share URL, shoot us an Email to so we can assist you!