A common question: “I am building a site at example.com. I want to collect leads today. What URL should I use?

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There are two common solutions:

Solution 1 – Use KickoffLabs on your primary site and build your new site/product on another url. 

Example URLS:

  • Your KickoffLabs landing page would be hosted on www.example.com.
  • Your website/product would be on another url like beta.example.com


Pro: The main benefit of this approach is all your early lead generation traffic will go to the URL you will ultimately launch on.

Pro: It is often the fastest way to get started

Pro: You may find it easier to keep your app/product separate from your marketing site

Con: It may require extra work when you actually launch (changing urls, updating asset paths, etc).

Solution 2 – Keep your main url as is and use KickoffLabs on a temporary subdomain 

Example URLS:

  • Your KickoffLabs landing page would be hosted on a url like comingsoon.example.com
  • Your website/product would be on the main url: example.com

Pro: This step will require less changes when it is time to launch

Con: You are going to be sending traffic to a URL you may not use in the future

Con: You will need to redirect traffic after your launch from your landing page url

Pro: You may (and should) find the need to use landing pages after you launch. Having a landing page url already setup should make this even easier

Summary and Recommendation: 

In most cases, we recommend Solution 1.  The benefit of driving early traffic to the URL you plan on using for the long term cannot be underestimated.