Launching a product, starting a business, or offering a new service can be overwhelming.

The goal of our worksheets is to help you create and refine the best landing pages possible so you can effectively promote your business online.

To do that you need to conduct a bit of research. – You need to understand your goals, your competition, and what appeals to your customers.

Our 36 page guide includes everything you need to start generating more leads for your business:

  • Step by step task lists for creating a marketing plan.
  • Simple questionnaires that help you understand how to stand out online.
  • Tips for designing landing pages that convert visitors to customers.
  • Sample emails and landing page copy that’s proven to increase conversions!
  • Help setting up your viral marketing plan.
  • How to leverage your blog to grow smarter traffic.
  • Guidance for marketing your business in online communities!

“As someone who is trying to start a business for the first time, I found your guide to be the most helpful and practical that I have read so far… and I have read a lot.”

Go step by step here and use the worksheet to organize your research in preparation for writing landing page copy. After you’ve completed this worksheet you can move onto our copy creation worksheet.