viral landing page is a landing page that promotes word of mouth marketing through social networks. The goal is not simply to get page visitors to sign up (or follow the call to action) on the landing page, but also to tell their friends about what they found.

A typical sign up landing page.

How does a viral landing page work?

  1. Discovery: A visitor finds the landing page by searching for the solution it contains, being referred by a friend, or being driven to it from an advertisement.
  2. Education: The landing page educates the visitor about a product or solution to the challenge they have.
  3. Conversion / Sign up: The visitor completes the primary call to action on the landing page and signs up… typically by providing their email address. They have now become a customer lead.
  4. Sharing incentive: The visitor is given a unique link to the landing page and encouraged through incentive to tell their friends about the product or solution.
  5. Sharing: The visitor tells their friends. 🙂
  6. Reward: The visitor is rewarded for conversions that happened because they shared their unique link. This incentive should have been outlined at the point as the incentive via the landing page or signup confirmation mail they received after signing up.
  7. Repeat: The cycle repeats itself as customers continue to sign one another up.

The sharing incentive after the conversion.

Do people really share from a viral landing page?

YES! People like to share things that make them look cool. Discovering something that solves a problem on the internet is a moment of realization that they would like to tell their friends about. Two things need to be true:

  1. The product and the product pitch on the landing page has to be worth signing up for.
  2. The incentive has to be enough of a nudge to push them over the edge.
  3. The landing page needs to make it simple to share.

Number one matters MUCH more important than two and three, but two and three grease the wheels and don’t get in the way of the conversion since it all happens after the visitor has converted.

Are there best practices for making a viral landing page?

YES! Here are some additional resources you may find helpful: