It’s finally time to put pen to paper… or fingers to keys if you prefer… And start writing some landing page copy!

You’ll notice that we’re intentionally avoiding a conversation about your landing page design right now. That’s because what you say is much more important than what it looks like. Unfortunately too many people get caught up on the look of their landing pages and don’t spend enough time writing copy that really converts.

You aren’t going to make that mistake. You are better than that. You’ve already done a bunch of research so you’re ready to go.

This how-to guide walks you through the first steps to an amazing landing page! You’ll learn about:

  • Effective headline generation.
  • Organizing your social proof.
  • Writing effective incentives for your call to actions.
  • Working on your sales letter to boost conversions.
  • Using raw copy to conduct your first A/B test experiment.
Download the FREE guide today!

Go step by step here and use the worksheet to create your first headlines and sales pitches using the research you’ve completed before. After you’ve completed this worksheet you’ll have great copy you could plug into just about any standard landing page design.