We allow you to fully customize your email templates, including uploading your own template or copying a template from another source or building your own template from scratch. This document walks you through how to modify your templates and test them.

  1. Navigate to the emails tab of your campaign dashboard. Down towards the bottom on the right hand side there is a Manage Settings option to modify your default settings.
  2. On the right side of the dashboard there will be a Template Design section. The dropdown allows you to change your themes, and the link below brings you to your list of templates.
  3. From this menu you can add a new template or modify a template you have previously created.
    Once you’ve entered the editor, you can modify your code on your template and give it a name. Any HTML can be modified within the template, so long as the two required content tags are within the template. These tags are {{email.html}} and {{footer.html}}. These tags pull the information from your KickoffLabs campaign.
  4. In order to test your email templates you can enter the menus highlighted below.
  5. You can make modifications to your email content as well as test the emails from here.

If you require additional assistance, feel free to reach out to support@kickofflabs.com!