What is Instant Sign Up? Instant Sign Up allows you to include your existing list in your new KickoffLabs campaign without them having to resubmit their Email address. With one click your existing leads will be sent to your thank you page and will be ready to share your campaign and start earning referrals.

Why should I use Instant Sign Up? Because it just makes the most sense! Especially if your existing list exceeds the 5000 import limit we have on KickoffLabs accounts. There is no difference in the number of steps your leads have to take for Instant Sign Up or Import. In both cases an Email will be sent with a link that will need to be clicked in order to participate in the campaign.

Another bonus is that with Instant Sign Up you can be sure that only leads that WANT to participate are included in your KickoffLabs campaign.

*Note that Instant Signup only works for KickoffLabs landing page, pages using embedded opt-in forms or AnyForm do not currently work.

How do I use Instant Sign Up? Instant Sign Up is auto-enabled on all accounts and is simple to set up. You want to make sure that you’ve already created your sign up and thank you page so that your campaign is ready to go for your leads.

  1. Create your sign up and thank you pages and publish them to the URL’s you’ll be using for your campaign.
  2. In your mailing provider create the Email that you want to send out to your leads inviting them to join your campaign.
  3. Create your Instant Sign Up link within the Email using the URL of your sign up landing page in the following format – https://www.signuppageURL.com/?_email=email_merge_tag
      Here’s a few examples of how the links should look in your Email:

    • MailChimp Emails
    • AWeber Emails
    • GetDrip Emails

And here’s how it should appear in your mailing

**Please note that the page being used can only require the email address.

And that’s it! We recommend sending yourself a test email before launching, just to make sure everything is set up properly.

As always, if you get stuck just shoot us an email to support@kickofflabs.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.