Our Email tokens make it easy to include social share buttons, site links, or any of your page content in your Email messages. These tokens will be replaced with text and links as described below anytime you send an Email. If the token is a link, it will already contain the users individual referral code.

Customer Entered Form Information

These tokens are based on questions you asked on your lead capture form. Any custom fields you entered on your pages will appear here as tokens you can then use in your mailings.

Customer Social Links & Referral Data

These tokens are generated automatically for each customer to provide social share links & report on their influence. The unique referral ID will already be included for you, so there’s nothing you need to besides add the token to your page!

Here’s an example of how the Email message will look when you’re setting it up:



And when it’s sent your subscribers will see:

You can include a full row of share buttons (picture above – cannot be edited) or create your own row of custom share links/icons. Learn how HERE. If you’re running a campaign based around referrals, you can also insert and customize a progress checking link. More on that HERE.


As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know at support@kickofflabs.com