KickoffLabs automatically tracks how many people each of your leads has referred into your campaign using their unique sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

Reward level emails enable you to automatically send emails to your leads once they have reached specified sharing goals.

For example, reward level emails could be used to:

  • Deliver special coupon codes for 3, 5, or 20 people referred.
  • Provide a free ebook or other digital download once a lead reaches 5 referred people.
  • Send a beta access code to someone who refers 3 people.

Setting Up a Reward Level Email:

  1. From your Campaign Dashboard, click “Emails” from the top menu.
  2. The Email Dashboard will show you the current status of your Reward Level Emails (enabled/disabled). Click “Manage Emails”.



  1. Click “Add a Reward Level Email.” If you have set up any Reward Level Emails, you will see them under Currently Configured Reward Emails
  2. On the Email setup page, you have the option to Enable/Disable the Email, set your Email Subject and Body text, opt to receive a notification when the Email is triggered, and Save/Preview the message. Preview Emails will be sent to your account Email address and will include example links instead of live links.
  3. Scroll down to see the Email tokens available for use in your Email.The first list of tokens is the Customer Entered Form Information. This is data that you collected through your signup form. You will want to be sure to copy the full token, as is. We will automatically fill in the data SO LONG AS the lead entered that information on the signup page.
    The second list of tokens is Social Links and Referral Data tokens. These are things like a copy/paste link back to your signup page, social share buttonsa link back to the thank you page to check their referral progress, social ID, contest score, conversions (referrals), and your campaign Email address (which you set via the Default Email Settings). You will want to copy and paste these tokens, as is. The exception being the thank you link and individual social icons, the end portions of these tokens can be customized, if you wish.
  4. Save your changes before leaving the page! Once you hit Save, you’ll be taken back to the main Reward Level Emails dashboard. You should see your newly created Email in the Currently Configured… list

    To edit an existing Email, click the blue “Edit Email” link. You can also delete an Email from the list by clicking the blue “Delete” link.

Important Notes and Answers Common Questions:

  • Today Reward Level Emails are only available with a Business or Enterprise plan.
  • Visit your Default Email Settings to update things like your From Name and Address, Postal Address, Unsubscribe Message, and Unsubscribe Redirect URL.
  • Our Emails are simple HTML and plain text based. We do NOT currently support uploading third-party Email templates to our service.
  • The margins on the Emails are set and cannot currently be adjusted.
  • Embedding videos in Emails is widely unsupported. If you want to include a video, we recommend hosting the video on a site like YouTube, taking a screenshot of the video, and then linking the video image to your hosted video.
  • When customizing a token, be sure NOT to remove the {% token_link %} portion. Your customization should go in between the token_link and closing bracket %} with a space on either side. For example {% token_link Your customization %}
  • Email going to spam? Read our guide on avoiding spam filters!

Can I deliver unique promo codes?

Yes! We do support delivering unique coupon codes via Reward Level Emails.

What score is used to trigger reward level emails?

By default the count used to trigger reward level emails will be the number of direct referrals.

You can also customize the lead scoring with a Business or higher plan. If you set a custom score then the custom score is used to determine if an email is sent or not. For example: You could choose to only give people points for verified referrals. If that’s the case only leads that are verified will count to send a reward level email.