Verification Emails are part of our Advanced Fraud Prevention, which is available with a Business or Enterprise plan. These Emails are sent immediately after form submission to verify the user’s Email address and confirm their opt-in status (double opt-in).

Managing your Verification Email Settings:

  1. From the left menu panel, click “Settings”
  2. Scroll down to Fraud Options and click “Edit Fraud Protection”
  3. To enable Email Verification, make sure the “Yes, Please enable verification” box is checked
  4. Next, use the dropdown menu to select which page or custom URL we should send your leads to once they verify. If no page/URL is set, we will use your Default Redirect URL (usually this is your thank you page).
  5. Be sure to scroll all the way down on the page to Save your changes.
  6. If you haven’t yet set up your Email, click the blue “Edit Verification Email” button to be taken straight to the Email Editing page.

Setting up your Verification Email:

  1. Click “Send Emails” on the left menu panel.
  2. On the Emails Dashboard, click “Manage Verification Emails”
  3. On the Email editing page, you can update the Verification Email text. Do not delete the Verification Link token. You can edit the Verify Me portion of the token text, but do not alter the rest of the token {% verify_link %} This token will lead to whatever page/URL you’ve specified as your Default Verification URL in your Advanced Fraud Prevention Settings.
  4. Your verification Email should be kept brief and not include additional information on your campaign or images (save these for the Automatic Reply Email!) Other Email tokens besides the verify_link token will not function in this Email.Click “Save Verification Settings” to save the changes you made. You can also use the “Send Yourself a Preview” button to send a preview of this Email to the Email address associated with your account. We use example links in preview Emails, so don’t be alarmed if the link is an example URL. The live Email will lead to whatever page/URL you’ve specified as the Default Verification URL for the campaign.

Important Notes:

  • If you have verification enabled, ONLY verified leads will be included in referral counts on thank you pages/Emails.
  • If you’re using our built in Automatic Reply Email, this is sent immediately after the lead has verified their Email address. It is not sent unless the user has verified.
  • We recommend including some sort of small note on your thank you page which encourages your leads to check their Emails in order to verify. You may also want to include somewhere in your Rules that verification is required and unverified leads/referrals will be disqualified. This will help you avoid confused and angry people wondering why their referrals aren’t counting!
  • It is always best to enable verification prior to launching your campaign. If you decide to enable it after launching, you can use our Bulk Update feature to send out a verification Email to your existing leads. You can also use Bulk Update to manually verify your existing leads.


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