KickoffLabs is setup to enable truly mobile text message signup, responders, and sharing as part of your contest. This article walks through the setup.


SMS Contests with KickoffLabs require:

  1. The SMS Add-on for KickoffLabs. This can be purchased with existing plans for an additional monthly fee OR is included with Enterprise Plans.
  2. An account with Twilio. Twilio is a service used for delivery and receipt of SMS messages. This means you pay directly for the messages being used instead of us including a huge markup on messages like other Text to Win services.


1. Create a KickoffLabs Campaign

First you’ll need to create a campaign with KickoffLabs if you haven’t already. Today SMS contests work together with landing pages so you always have a home base for your campaign.

2. Connect to your Twilio Account

From your campaign overview page go down to “4. Emails & SmS” and click on “SMS Contest Messages”.

Once there you’ll be asked for your Twilio Connection. You’ll need to locate your Twilio phone number, Account SID, and Authentication Token. This will allow us to send messages on your behalf through your Twilio account.

At this stage we’ll be able to edit and send messages as part of your campaign.

3. Enable KickoffLabs to receive messages and leads

a. Within KickoffLabs

  1. Open your campaigns SMS configuration page.
  2. On the right side you’ll find a Twilio SMS Webhook URL.
  3. Copy this URL that we’ve generated for you. You’ll need it for the next step.

a. Within Twilio.

Next you want to enable us to receive leads. Twilio has to tell us when a new message comes into the number. To do this you have to open your phone number for configuration in Twilio.

  1. Navigate to the numbers page of your dashboard and click on the phone number you want to configure.
  2. Scroll down to the Messaging area.
  3. Set a “Webhook” for when a message comes in to to the Webhook URL we’ve generated within KickoffLabs for you.
  4. Save this setting.
  5. You can now test this out by texting your contest number. The number you texted from should be entered into your leads list on your campaign!


Once you’ve completed the setup you can use the edit button on the SMS page to change the automatic reply and verification message.

Verification Messages are Skipped If…

By default the verification message is sent only if a phone number has been entered to the web site. The Verification message will be skipped if someone texts your contest number directly.

Collecting Phone Numbers On your Landing Page

You’ll want to start collecting phone numbers on your landing pages as well. After you’ve done that leads that enter their phone numbers will receive your verification message to confirm their subscription to your campaign.