How does KickoffLabs help me collect leads?

KickoffLabs is a do-it-yourself online platform that you use to build & launch lead generation campaigns. We offer you advanced tools for creating custom campaigns that fully match your branding.

You collect email addresses and other customer information using any combination of KickoffLabs landing pages, opt-in forms, popup forms & exit intent widgets.

Each time a person signs up, we generate a unique social referral tracking link they can share with friends. Use our viral thank you pages to guide, motivate and reward leads for successful referrals.

KickoffLabs collects and stores your leads (we also integrate with popular email providers). Your lead data is always accessible via insightful reports that help you learn more about your audience, conversion rate, and other important metrics.

Can I embed landing pages / opt-in forms onto my existing website?

Yes. KickoffLabs landing pages and opt-in forms are meant to be published ANYWHERE you want to collect leads.

Download a copy of your page and upload it to your own server, publish to our free domain or to your own custom domain name, publish to Facebook and more!

Can you support 1M+ users?

Yes. KickoffLabs is built on world-class infrastructure and modern technology. We seamlessly scale behind-the-scenes to meet our customers’ unique needs, while providing the reliability your business and your customers deserve.

Are your landing pages mobile-responsive?

Yes. Our lead generation tools that include landing page templates, opt-in forms, popup forms & exit intent widgets are all fully mobile-responsive and look great on all devices.

Do you offer click-through landing pages?

Yes. While most of our landing page templates are geared towards email collection, you can opt to remove the signup form on any of our drag and drop themes and instead use a click-through option.

Can I share a single account?

Yes. You can invite additional team members & clients into your KickoffLabs account using Sub-Accounts. Our Premium plan includes 2 Sub-Accounts, the Business plan includes 5 Sub-Accounts, and the Enterprise plan includes 20 Sub-Accounts.

Do you offer A/B split testing?

Yes. You can A/B split test between 2 landing pages. You’ll also benefit from our smarter testing solution that uses a special algorithm to help minimize the waste of potential leads during the validation process.

What if I go over my plan limits?

If you go over your plan limits, your campaign will continue to function normally. You will automatically be upgraded to the next plan level that meets your current needs. You will receive an Email to alert you of this upgrade. You can also track your account limit at any time from your Account Settings.

Can I get a demo of your services?

Yes. You can start using KickoffLabs right now by signing up for a free account. Our free plans give you a 21 day trial of our services, no credit card required. You can use this time to test out the basics of our application. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our paid plans!

Can I import existing leads into KickoffLabs?

Yes. If you’ve collected leads offline (like at an event) or through a third-party service, you can easily import these leads into your KickoffLabs campaigns. Your leads will be assigned a unique social referral tracking link that you can now leverage in campaigns.

Note: Imported leads require a valid email address. Our accounts have an account-wide import limit of 5000 leads total for the lifetime of your account. Should you need to import more than 5000 leads, please use our Instant Signup instead.


What’s the refund policy?

We offer a 30 day refund policy from the day you are charged. Refunds may not be issued if you successfully collect over 500 leads.

Can I upgrade or downgrade any time?

Yes. If you realize you need a higher or lower plan, you can change at any time. If you upgrade from a lower to a higher plan you will be charged the prorated amount for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

What is “Magic Contact Data”?

KickoffLabs Magic Contact Data provides you with additional, publicly available social & demographic information about your leads; like bio, profile pics and more. All you really need to ask for is an email address.

Can I use multiple referral strategies on my thank you page?

Yes! Want a leaderboard on your Harry’s style thank you page? No problem. Need a progress bar with your waitlist counter? We’ve got you covered. We’ve made it easy to use multiple referral strategies on the same thank you page with our drag and drop editor.