Below is a snapshot of the Campaign Dashboard.
  • The left side menu is used to consolidate your main campaign tasks. Click a task to open the sub-menu.
  • The main screen includes a complete list of all pages and widgets in your campaign. Your pages are divided into 3 groups – Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, and Widgets. You can use the “Edit Page” button to quickly access the page editor for that page, or use the Settings cog to update things like your Page Settings, tracking codes, or to make a copy or delete the page.
  • From the top menu you can access your Account Settings, navigate to your full list of campaigns, or be taken back to the Campaign Dashboard of your current campaign by clicking the campaign name.

Use the left menu panel of your Campaign Dashboard to access your campaign sub-menus. For example, clicking on “Send Emails” takes you to the list to set up all your KickoffLabs automatic reply Emails, as well as control the settings for these Emails.