KickoffLabs landing pages are optimized for conversions & are very easy to set up. Lets take a brief tour of the options you’ll see when you are building your pages.

1. Start by opening the page for editing.

You’ll be taken to the KickoffLabs landing page designer where you’ll edit the landing page to reflect your brand and message.

2. Edit most of your content inline by simply clicking on the element you’d like to update and applying your changes directly.

It’s easy to jump in and start modifying the text, colors and styles, and also to add in custom images and videos.

The tabs on the left give you clear access to landing page sections.

3. In the General Tab, you’ll find theme specific options for adding a logo, changing the background image, hiding and showing sections, and connecting to your social media accounts.

4. The Design Tab let’s you choose different fonts for titles, headlines and body text. Integration with Google Fonts gives you access to over 90 font styles directly in the landing page designer! From this tab you can also assign colors to the various elements on the page, like the background and body text colors.

5. In the Form Tab, you’ll find options for building your form. This is where you’ll be able to add additional fields to collect information like a first name.

Here is where you’ll configure the default thank you, sharing, and referral experience… that you can test inline.

Remember that all KickoffLabs landing pages and forms come with a Viral Boost and Social Referrals built in. Let’s see how that works with this landing page.

I’ll sign up, and see the thank you message, with the social sharing buttons and a personal social referral link that gets generated whenever a new person signs up. You can even include a direct link to a digital incentive that’s hosted by KickoffLabs.

6. The Thanks Tab allows you to quickly set up the default thank you message. If you’ve decided to use one of our Thank You templates, you can easily set up your page to redirect to your custom Thank You page from this tab.

7. The On Exit Tab is where you can instantly connect your Bounce Form to your landing page in order to further increase your conversions!

8. And finally in the Settings tab, you’ll find SEO options for title and description of your landing page, Facebook and Twitter sharing information, and a privacy template page.

Here you’ll also find the Header and Footer text area for adding functionality with custom 3rd party scripts.

Keep in mind that not all themes present you with the same options, so it’s a good idea to check out our various themes to find one that’s a great fit for your business.

Premium and Business plans get access to custom HTML and CSS for even more customization options for those with design resources. This can be access from within the page editor via More>Edit HTML. For more information on editing your page HTML see:

9. When you’re happy with how your landing page looks. Click on Publish, to publish the changes to your live website.

You have the option of publishing to our free KickoffLabs domain or using your own custom domain name.

Each time you Publish changes, a new version is created inside of KickoffLabs. You can then publish or revert to editing any previous version of your landing page.

If you need any assistance building your landing page, we can help. All paid plans get small customizations made at no cost and we even provide custom design & development services.

Back in your Landing Page dashboard, there are a few more important options for setting up your page.

  • You can choose to run a new A/B Test against another landing page to determine which page converts more customers for your campaign.
  • Manage analytics & tracking codes to connect to your Google Analytics, Facebook Ad tracking, and other integrated analytics packages.
  • Change the published URL settings to control the domain name and path of your landing page.
  • As well as options for creating a copy, previewing or deleting the landing page.

We hope this quick guide sets you on your way to creating high-converting landing pages and campaigns.

If you need any assistance, just let us know by sending an email to