When setting up your auto-reply Emails, you want to be sure you also set up your Default Email Settings. This includes your From Name and Email Address, Postal Address, Unsubscribe Message, and choose which URL (if any) we should send your unsubscribed users to.

Here’s how to manage your Default Email Settings:

  1. From your Campaign Dashboard, click “Send Emails” on the left menu panel
  2. From the Emails Dashboard, click “Manage Email Settings”
  3. Your Email Settings will use your account information, by default. If you need to use something different for your campaign, you can update things like your From Name, From Email Address, and Postal Address via the Email Settings. These settings will apply only to the campaign you are updating.

    You MUST include a valid Postal Address to be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

    Your settings also enable you to update your Unsubscribe message, which is automatically included in the Footer of all of your KickoffLabs auto-reply Emails. If you wish, you can also select a specific URL that we should send users to after they unsubscribe. This could be a custom unsubscribe page, your signup page, your thank you page, or anywhere.

    Our default unsubscribe message looks like this – and redirects to your signup page, by default:

  4. Be sure to click the blue “Save” button once you’ve finished updating your Email Settings.


If you have any questions, please let us know at support@kickofflabs.com!