The first time you log into your KickoffLabs account you’ll be automatically sent through the onboarding process, which prompts you to set up a new campaign. Some users will want to start over or will need to create multiple campaigns. If this is you, read on to learn how to set up your new campaign.

  1. First, log in to your account. This will take you to the Campaign List. From the Campaign List, click “Add New Campaign”. You can also use the following link to go straight to the campaign setup page –
  2. On the Campaign Setup page, enter a name for your new campaign. We recommend naming the page something relevant to your project, but you can update your campaign name at any time from your Campaign Settings. After you’ve named the campaign click “Continue”

    Checking the box for “Create an empty campaign” will skip the remainder of the campaign setup process and will instead create a blank campaign, which you can add pages/widgets to whenever you’re ready.
  3. The next page will prompt you to choose how your leads will be signing up to your campaign.

    KickoffLabs Signup Form Options:

    On a New Landing Page – clicking this will open a list of our most popular themes. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View All Themes” to view the remainder of our available themes. Mousing over any theme will bring up a “Demo Page” button, which you can click to view a preview of that theme. Click the theme you want to use to select it. This will automatically scroll you down to the “Continue” button.

    Popups on my Website – Clicking this will populate the list of our signup widget options. These widgets can be easily embedded into your existing website. Click the widget you want to use to select it. This will automatically scroll you down to the “Continue” button.

    – Use my own Existing Forms – Clicking this will bring up our AnyForm options. AnyForm’s can connect your existing 3rd party signup form to our site to use with our thank you pages and other great features. Learn more about our AnyForm!

  4. If you select the “On a New Landing Page” option, you will be given the option to automatically create and connect an Exit Intent widget. An Exit Intent widget is a small signup form that pops up whenever a lead who has not converted attempts to navigate away from your site.We check this box, by default, but if you don’t wish to include an Exit Intent on your campaign, simply uncheck the box before selecting “Continue”.

  5. Next you’ll be prompted to select a thank you page. The thank you pages are divided up depending on the referral style (progress bar, leaderboard, or waitlist/simple sharing/digital downloads), so be sure to scroll down to view all the options. Mousing over the thank you page will bring up a “Demo Page” button, which you can use to view a preview of the theme. Click the page to select it. This will automatically scroll you down to the “Create Campaign” button.All of our drag and drop themes support using multiple referral styles on the same thank you page. Additional referral tracking/leaderboards can be added through the page editor.

  6. Next you’ll be shown an overview screen where you can review the pages and widgets you’ve selected. Click the “Start Editing” button to create your new campaign.

    Click “Test a preview of your contest” to view a live version of your new campaign. You can submit a test signup to the form to check out the thank you page.Use the back button on your browser to make changes to your page selections.
  7. Next you’ll be taken to your Campaign Dashboard where you can begin editing your new pages!
    Learn more about your Campaign Dashboard.


Important Notes:


If you need more assistance setting up your new campaign, please let us know at