The very first time you publish your page to the Internet you will do so directly from within the page editor. Click the Edit Page button, and then in the top right corner of the editor select “Publish”. We will automatically publish your page to a KickoffLabs URL. If you’d like to keep this URL, you can do so. You can also update the KickoffLabs subdomain or publish your page to a custom domain.

To re-access the Publisher Settings at a later time: 

  1. Select your campaign, then click the arrow cog to the far right of the page you wish to update. Choose “Page Settings” from the dropdown menu.

In the 3rd section, you will find the Published information. If you’re on the free plan, you will see the options to Change Subdomain or Unpublish Page.


**Important Note!**
If you’re attempting to unpublish a page that is marked as one of your default pages, you will first need to remove the default page setting. This is done via your Default URL Settings. Click here for more information on Default URL Settings. You will not be able to unpublish the page until you’ve removed the default page setting.


If you’re having trouble updating your pages publisher settings, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!