After a visitor signs up on a KickoffLabs landing page (or widget) we by default will show them a message box with a prompt to share your landing page. This is all part of our Viral Boost.

This works extremely well and requires no additional setup on your part.

However, if you want to further increase your share rates and thus increase your overall number of conversions we have a set of pages you can redirect your newly converted visitors to called “Thank You Pages“.

There are a variety of thank you pages:

  • Basic Thank You – this page gives you more space and freedom to simply thank the visitor for signing up and to ask them to share a link to your page/site.
  • Reward Level Thank You – allows you to set up a list of rewards your visitors could obtain if they were to generate additional leads for you
  • Robbinhood Waits in Line  – a wait list thank you page. This page will let your visitors know where they are in line and what they can do to skip ahead.
  • Harry Goes Viral – another take on the reward level thank you page.
  • Side by Side Leaderboard – let your new leads compete with each other to see who can generate the most referrals. You can optionally customize the scoring so that certain additional actions are rewarded and cheaters are removed!
  • Simple Leader Board – another way for your leads to compete.

KickoffLabs Thank You Pages

Enabling a thank you page on any landing page or widget requires two very simple steps:

  1. Create a new thank you page and publish it.
  2. Set it as your redirect from your campaign-level settings.