This document covers the complete integration of your KickoffLabs product into SquareSpace. Throughout this document we will cover:

  • Adding your KickoffLabs Scripts to an Individual Page
  • (Optional) Adding a Button for Pop-Up Scripts
  • Adding your KickoffLabs Scripts site-wide
  • Hosting Your Own Landing Page

Please note, these features may only be available for select SquareSpace Service Plans.

Adding your KickoffLabs Scripts to an Individual Page

Official SquareSpace Documentation can be found HERE

  1. Navigate to your Squarespace Portal and log in, open your control menu on the left and expand the pages section.
  2. Select the Gear on the page you would like to add your script to and then move over to the advanced settings tab.
  3. Find the Page Header Injection field and paste your script.
  4. Your scripts should be live on the page you have added them to. Alternatively, our recommended method would be to deploy your scripts site-wide and use KickoffLabs own feature of URL restrictions.

(Optional) Adding a Button for Pop-Up Scripts

  1. Head to your KickoffLabs widget and grab the HTML line to implement into your page.
  2. Open your menu in the upper left on SquareSpace and edit the Page Content. Add a new Code block and paste in your code. Drag the button where you would like it to be on your page.
  3. Save your changes on your page and refresh your browser. Your button should now be active.

Adding your KickoffLabs Scripts Site-Wide

Official SquareSpace Documentation can be found HERE

  1. Open your menu in the upper left and navigate through Settings > Advanced > Code Injection. Paste your scripts under the Footer section of the Code Injection menu. A save option will appear in the upper left. Select that and back out to your page. Refresh your browser, and your scripts should now be active.
    It should be noted, that if you implement your scripts on a per-page basis as well as site wide they will apply twice. It should be noted to only use one method or the other.

Hosting Your Own KickoffLabs Landing Page

If your goal is to have paths to your website be landing pages for KickoffLabs such as this approach can lead to several issues. We recommend you set up a subdomain such as to host all your landing pages. This approach separates the hosting causing pages to load faster. It also allows your changes made on your KickoffLabs pages to be applied immediately. Using this method you only need to set up one subdomain to be used by an unlimited number of KickoffLabs Pages. This enables the two pages to live side-by-side.

If you are insistent on hosting your own landing pages, there is documentation on how to obtain the HTML for your own landing page HERE. If you run in to issues hosting your page contact our support team at